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Summer energies and transformation
The passing of Shyamdas
SHYAM-WOW! Chanting with Shyamdas at Treehouse Yoga


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Summer energies and transformation

Drawing depicting someone listening with attention.
There is definitely change happening in the world on a massive scale. Perhaps the upheaval has not hit you yet, but I suspect it will and sooner than you might imagine.

So listen, keep you eyes and ears open.
especially your "Inner Ear". Listen for the
voice of wisdom, intuition and divine guidance. You will need it.

Prayer, Chanting, Deep Breathing, Walking in Nature, Yoga, Tai Chi, Petting a Purring Cat; Swimming in a Serene Pool, Immersing yourself in any activity that fully engages all of your senses will help you let go and allow yourself to re-set.

The passing of Shyamdas

Shyamdas at the kirtan he did at Treehouse, Tampa, Fl.I am posting a note I received from the beloved folks at -
This note is beautifully written and I could not have done better, so please
read on and remember the beautiful light, love and humour that was (and will
always be) Shyamdas.
"Dear Chanters,
It is with
a heavy heart that I share the news of the passing of our Beloved
kirtan wala and bhakti troubador extraordinare, Shymadas.

SHYAM-WOW! Chanting with Shyamdas at Treehouse Yoga

Sing gosh darn it! You will feel better.
ON May 25th, 2012, Shyamdas was at Treehouse Yoga Center in Tampa, and all I can say is: SHYAM-WOW!! ( and how...)
If you missed him, you still have time to' Be in the Bhav'  with him as he  will be at Red Sun Yoga in Winter Springs tonight and tomorrow at 7:30pm and at the Hindu Temple of Central Florida tomorrow ( Sun 27th) at 2pm. His last kirtan in Florida is Wed. May 30st  at Love Yoga in Naples.
Beautiful, uplifting, profound.