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We believe our music will open your Heart and look forward to seeing you at a live KIRTAN EVENT SOON.
Periodically we will be posting photos, lyrics, songs & other information about who we are, as well as projects we're working on.
We continue to add music & images to our website, so please check back with us often for an updated performance schedule & to see what's new... KEEP SCROLLING down to see a list of mantra and other resources.
B&W photo Suzanne AlvarezThank You for Visiting-
Suzanne Alvarez 
The music automatically playing is a montage of clips from  my 2006 CD:
 Realm of the Magnetic Heart:
Clips from CD: REALM OF THE MAGNETIC HEART-original music & songs/ New Age- Meditative
Copyright: 2006 Suzanne Alvarez see KIRTANMUSIC.COM or
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 Original CD Art for Realm of the Magnetic Heart by Suzanne Alvarez                                         
The Realm of the Magnetic Heart CD  http:/ 
was inspired by my learning and teaching the Adamantine Healing System. If you would like to learn more about the Adamantine Healing System visit on line at
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CLIPS from CD: GROWING IN GRACE, by Suzanne Alvarez & Ellie Daulton
Copyright: 2010, (all rights reserved)contact:
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Cover our our CD: Growing in Grace, from
We hope you will love what you hear!
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Tom, Doug, Ellie and Suzanne  
The Realm of the Magnetic Heart CD,  as well as our new CD:GROWING IN GRACE, was recorded at LUVSOUNDERS Studio, now located in Wesley Chapel, Florida. The talented musician DOUG TRAVERS, is also a gifted "Wizard of Sound, and was the Engineer, who helped to realize our musical ideas in the Studio.
Photo of Doug Travers
Photo Credit-Vicki White
If you are looking for a place to record your music or spoken word
(whether simple or complex), you need to speak to Doug!
Studio rates are very reasonable and the quality of  attention, skill, and professionalism you will receive is invaluable.
By TELEPHONE Call: 813-610-0310
Tom, Doug, Ellie and Suzanne
( Photo Credit- Vicki White)
Above is a photo of "The Gift" which was an earlier incarnation of the present musical group: "KIRTAN" Featuring (from the top down):Tom Savino on Drums, Doug Travers on Guitar, Ellie Daulton on Mandolin & Guitar, and Suzanne Alvarez on Harmonium.  
Ellie Daulton
Ellie Daulton, yoga, mantras, harmonium, signing, healing, kirtan, chants, musicEllie has played guitar for over 45 years and has transferred her talents to the mandolin! She has performed in numerous musical groups in New York State, as well as in the Ft. Myers and Tampa areas of Florida. Ellie instructs a guitar workshop at the annual Sunshine Acoustic Camp in St. Petersburg, and has led mando workshops at the annual Will McLean Festival in Dade City, Florida. She sings and plays lead mando and guitar.
Below is a photo of Ellie and the Classic Country-Swing Band called "LOOSE CHANGE". She and her multi-talented husband, Doug Travers (who is the fellow in the white hat & eye patch), are both in the band.                                                    
Loose Change was the name of a  band Doug and Ellie were in.
(Ellie's Country-Swing Band) Loose Change
Photo by
Suzanne alvarez playing the Harmonium (photo by vonhenry)Suzanne Alvarez is an accomplished vocalist who is comfortable singing in many musical styles. She is a Theatre Arts graduate, & is well grounded in musical theatre & stage performance. She has appeared in numerous professional productions (including several with American Stage Co). In 2006 Suzanne produced her first CD entitled: "Realm of the Magnetic Heart" in which she displays her songwriting abilities, instinct for vocal improvisation & musical arrangement.
 Suzanne's passion is creating original music and what she loves most is  being in a recording studio working on the new music and mantras. 
Suzanne's love of music, the arts, nature, and healing runs deep. There as a distinct spirit that she brings to all she does including her annual Singing Classes which are part of the Sunshine State Acoustic Music Camp
Suzanne has benefited from the teachings and examples of many  skillfull and inspiring teachers, and feels she learns from everyone she meets. In fact many of the individuals who  have  deeply influenced her journey may not even be aware of  just how profoundly they have affected her life. You may well be one of them.--- Likewise, many authors, such as Kyriacos Markides ( (in his 3 book series about the life of the modern Christian Mystic & Healer from Cyprus known as "Daskalos"), have also influenced her greatly.
o mago de strovolos- If you don'tt speak Portugese, Find a copy in English and read it! Speak Portuguese? 
If you do, you can click on the BOOK FOR LINK and read  an excerpt of
The Magus of Strovolos, ("O Mago De Strovolos") by Kyriacos Markides.
( If you don't speak Portuguese, ( I don't) I guess you will just have to buy the book. It is worth it!.)
She has a special love for the Tibetan, and Kriya Yoga traditions, and has learned much from her Sufi, Sikh and Native American friends. Suzanne especially treasures her * Tibetan teachers and the many Dharma friends she made in Ithaca and here in the Tampa area. *Thank You!:( SnowLion Publications, -Jeff Cox, Sidney Piburn), HH. the 14th Dalai Lama, Jinpa, Geshe Kalden, Namgyal & Gyuto Monks, Gaden Tenzin Ling, Sherry, Rose, Karen, ect...& Katsel Dharma Center & Ratna Shri( in Tampa Bay Area)] She is grateful for the inspiration and guidance of remarkable healers, friends, family members & musical collaborators. In particular she would like to acknowledge the  enduring spiritual legacy of the great Hindu Yogi, Paramhansa Yogananda.  Sri Guru Deva Sharinam!
Beloved Paramamas Yogananda
Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda
Be present and in the moment, and remember that no matter what is happening "out there" you have control "inside yourself" as to how you will respond.~ Choose to come from LOVE...Let go and let GOD.  HAPPINESS is a state of mind.  
Image of a Reclining Buddha.
May All Beings in All Worlds Find Indestructible Happiness 
& may they be relieved of all suffering and its causes.
Om, yoga, mantras, harmonium, signing, healing, kirtan, chants, musicSUZANNE ALVAREZ
PSA special thanks to Bob Yehling  for believing in me & bestowing upon me the honor of
       leading & continuing the Treehouse Yoga kirtan tradition.
Below is a collage of photos taken at the Tampa Theatre Square One Art Event Virgin 2.0  in December 2008. Held at the Historic Tampa Theatre, the show featured Suzanne performing her song "The Earth is Singing!" along with the University of Tampa Dancers.  
Suzanne Alvarez at Sqaure One Ybor EventThe Earth is Singing (original song)  written and sung by S. Alvarez,
OM MANI PADME HUM mantra in Tibetan Script.
blue om, yoga, mantras, harmonium, signing, healing, kirtan, chants, music
Ganesha!, yoga, mantras, harmonium, signing, healing, kirtan, chants, music
Buddha and Autmn leaves.
Thanka image of MANJUSHRI the Buddha of Enlightened Wisdo.m
Manjushri -
 Buddha of Enlightened Wisdom